Terms & Conditions

We suggest you to read the following terms and to print or to make a back up of them.




1. General conditionsAll the conditions of sale, shipping and payment are detailedly listed in the web site sections and are to be considered as integral and substantial part of this agreement.The conditons applicable to every each order will be the ones posted on the web site at the same time of the order. Other possible new conditions will be effective since the time in which they will be posted onto the web site and will be applied to those sales resolved afterwards.

2. Public OfferAll the products and prices indicated in the web site are to be considered as an offer to the pubblic according to the containments and modalities posted in the web site and in these general conditions of sale.
3. ProductsThe graphic appearence of the shipped products may not correspond to that posted on the web site only if the producer has modified the tailoring and therefore for reasons that are independent from willing.The main feature of the products are described on Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. within each product card. The pictures and colours of the products sold by Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. may not correspond to the real ones beacuse of the Internet browser and the monitor used. 

4. PricesThe client's expence will correspond to the entire amount fixed at the moment of the order. Additional costs or discount that have been applied to the product after the moment of the order can't be applied. VAT is included in all the prices of the products. The shipping costs are not included in the price of the product.

5. Order AcceptanceThe order of the client will be effective for Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. only after the regular conlusion of the entire order procedure and without any mistake highlighting by the web site. Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. will not include in the bill any product that has not been clearly ordered by the client.

6. Order ConfirmationThe client will receive to his e-mail account the order confirmation that contains the summary of the products, the related costs, the date and time of the shipping and the general and peculiar conditions that can be applied to the order.

7. ShippingCarrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. delivers the products only to the places clearly specified in the web site. In case of any anomaly contac the following numbers: +39.0525.53231Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. will not be responsible for possible delays during the transportation.
8. Not available products and purchase restrictionsCarrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. is not responsible for the transitional or permanent not availability of one or more products. In case of not availability, even transitional, of the requested products, Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. will inform the client according to the modalities stated by #. 54 Legislative Decree 206/2005 and will not charge the client with the corresponding price. All the situations in which purchase restrictions can be applied are highlighted in the web site.

9. Unfulfillment of the shippingTo fulfill the shipping it's necessary that the client or his person in charge is present at the address indicated in the order. Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. can decide to esclude the client from future purchase and can subordinate the shipping service to the on line payment.


10. PaymentThe client can choose to pay the purchased goods both by credit card or wire tranfer.


11. InvoiceThe invoice emission is not mandatory if the client doesn't request it in the moment in which executes the transtation, as it has been fixed by the D.P.R. Of october 26th 1972 n.633 #.22


12. ResponsibilityCarrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. guarantees the respect of the quality rules related to the products. Any responibility related to the bad contidion of the products due to improper movement after the shipping time is not included. Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. declines any responsibility related to direct or indirect damages of any kind or of any matter that happend after the use of the web site or of the news, pictures and information that it contains. Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. is not responsible for information diffused by producers or distributors. Possible disputes related to the performance of the service can be arisen only within 10 days after the shipping of the products.


13. PrivacyCarrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. will use the client's personal data according to the privacy law, as it has been detailedly stated in the following "privacy policy" section of the web site.


14. CourtAny matter, claim or dispute arising under, out of, from or in connection with the application, interpretation or execution of these general conditions of sale will be irrevocably submitted to the esclusive judgement of the court of Parma.
These general conditions of sale are ruled by the Italian law and are to be interpretated according to this law. 


15. Use of products sold by Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. is at the consumer’s own risk. Proper installation and proper use of all products must be followed for optimal safety and performance. Carrozzeria Acerni s.n.c. ("Acerni") does not accept responsibility for improper use, alterations, and installation of any products purchased from us.


16. The delivery conditions for products bought through the web site require that you fill the order in each part carefully. The payment of the products is to be done in advance.

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