Single 16″ x 7-10″coyote boltless beadlock

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Boltless Beadlock Coyote Enterprises


– Sold individually
– Fits: 16″ diameter wheels from 7″ to 10″ wide

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Single 16″ x 7-10″coyote boltless beadlock

From the toughest off-road racing in the world to your off-road !

The Coyote Boltless Beadlock System is like a tire within a tire. It divides the tire’s air chamber into two separate compartments and thus it has two, independent valve stems. One is for the main tire air chamber and the other is for the beadlock inner tube. Think of the beadlock Case, the part that contains the inner tube down close to the rim giving you ample air down space above, as a mini-tire, hence its parts are named the same. There is a new Tread material that is 9X stronger than that used in the bead lock that Coyote Enterprises previously imported from Australia, two Sidewalls which are made from 2X stronger material and two webbing-reinforced Beads. A heavy duty inner tube within the beadlock Case forces the Case to take shape and do its job, lock both tire beads securely against the rim. This also provides a 3″ high, 50 PSI tire- and rim-protecting bump stop. The inner tube can be inflated up to 50 PSI. This forces/pinches both tire beads securely against the rim. Popped tire beads are a thing of the past!

Coyote have several advantages over conventional, mechanical beadlocks:

– You can use your existing stock, aftermarket or conventional bead lock rims.
– It locks both the outside and inside tire beads securely to the rim.
– There are no balance issues.
– They are street legal with no DOT issues.
– They can be used with conventional bead lock rims thus preventing the inner tire bead from burping air, plus they add the bump stop protection just mentioned.
– The Coyote bead locks are sized to the rims (14″, 15″, 16″, 16.5″ and 17″) and are not tire-size ortire-brand specific in contrast to other internal, dual beadlocks.
– Kept properly inflated, the Coyotes will last you through many sets of tires.

Sistema antistallonamento interno cerchio 15″ X 7-10 ″- Coyote

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