3.812″ HP10 High Pinion Case

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High Pinion Gearworks case, from the Ultra4 world to your vehicle!

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3.812″ HP10 High Pinion Case

Cassa differenziale High Pinion 10” – Gearworks – 3.812″

– Can be assembled with Ford 10″ Rev

– Differential bearings diameter 3.812″

– High Pinion

– ARP bolts

Gearworks  HD HP10 3.812″ High Pinion is designed for the highest demand off road applications needing a high pinion front or rear. Fitting into standard 9″ housings and utilizing 10″ gears this can be found in a lot of the fastest Ultra4 cars around the world. The housing has a extra thick bottom with a smoother face to help slide across rocks and to take a beating. The standard Dual load bolts keeps the ring gear from deflection.  The 5 pinion support bolts are 7/16″ to keep your pinion support tight in the heat of battle.  It uses a taller than stock 9″ tail bearing to add load capacity to this already overloaded spot and is retained by a bolt in retainer plate.  The massive main caps are Billet Chromoly with high quality ARP 9/16″ main studs retaining them.  The housing comes already clearanced and drilled/tapped for ARB air lockers. When you want the strongest high pinion housing, this is the one.



Groups and case 30/45
Spare parts 20
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